Dallas Hospitals Report Ventilator and Bed Capacity Numbers

Eight hospitals report data to Mayor Eric Johnson on first day of new regulations

Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas
NBC 5 News

Eight Dallas hospitals reported ventilator and bed capacity numbers to Mayor Eric Johnson on Tuesday, the first day of new daily reporting requirements in Dallas.

The requirements are part of new emergency regulations for the City of Dallas. They requirements are meant to provide information to both decision-makers and the public regarding the medical community's capacity to handle COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.

As of Tuesday, 192 of the 631 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Dallas County required hospitalization at some point. Of those hospitalized, 59 people were admitted to intensive care units, and 42 received mechanical ventilation, according to Dallas County.

The totals reported by the eight hospitals on Tuesday are as follows:

  • Total beds: 2,868
    • Beds occupied: 1,542
  • Total ICU beds: 361
    • ICU beds occupied: 204
  • Total ventilators: 342
    • Ventilators in use: 139

Representatives from Dallas hospitals said the reported numbers are a point-in-time snapshot and fluctuate throughout the day. Hospitals may be able to expand bed capacity if necessary.

The City of Dallas is working to identify other hospitals that must report capacity numbers under the new emergency regulations.

"As I said when we required the daily COVID-19 testing data from all public and private labs in the city, transparency and facts are key to slowing the spread of this virus," Mayor Johnson said.

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