Dallas County Leaders Urge Young People to Do Their Part to Help ‘Flatten Curve' of Coronavirus

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Local, state and national leaders have said it will be largely up to the younger population to help flatten the curve of coronavirus infections.

Still, even with new cases suggesting that young people are getting sick, some are still not taking the new virus seriously.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said it was up to everyone to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

“On the youngest, healthiest person it is twice as deadly as the flu in the rosiest predictions that are out there,” Jenkins said.

That’s why it’s frustrating to hear stories of people gathering on beaches or traveling for spring break just to get a good deal.

“I feel like my generation is really not taking it seriously. They’re just traveling. A lot of my friends are traveling because flights are so cheap,” college student Natalia Bravo said.

In Dallas County, new confirmed cases included a teenager, as well as people in their 20s and 30s. Some were in critical condition Wednesday.

“It’s a game of roulette right. A bunch of young people get together, and they all get COVID-19. Some of them have very mild symptoms, some of them may be asymptomatic, and one or two of them may in an ICU unit,” Jenkins said.

Larry Cui of Dallas said he and his friends finally started to take it seriously within the last few days.

“Last week it was a little different. Last week I guess everyone was playing it as a joke, and we still went out for St. Patrick’s Day,” Cui said. “But this week, especially with everything closing and the high measures that are being taken in Dallas, people are reacting pretty seriously about this matter.”

Some people said following guidelines could also help free up resources.

Jenkins said Wednesday more tests were on the way, but resources like respirators are still limited.

He said taking personal responsibility is critical right now.

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