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Dallas County/Dallas ISD Plan for Next Round of COVID-19 Vaccines

Dallas County is planning to start vaccinating people 65 and older, or who have certain pre-existing conditions

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This week Dallas County is preparing to get the next round of COVID-19 vaccinations for people in the 1-B vaccination group. That's 65-years old and older, or who have certain pre-existing conditions.

"As more people get it, there's a waning fear of the vaccine," Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said.

Jenkins tweeted a photo on Thursday after doing a site survey at Fair Park, one of three vaccination sites the county plans to have next week as soon as the vaccine doses arrive. The exact date is not certain. The vaccines will be administered by firefighter EMTs.

"We trained for this for the last 10-years. We've got a plan for this because it was written before the pandemic ever happened," Jenkins said. "They just want those vaccines in their hands and those EMTs are ready to start pushing those vaccines in their arms."

When the county gets the doses, there are plans to administer them at three locations: Fair Park, Eastfield College, and Ellis Davis Fieldhouse.

Dallas ISD is also working with the county to administer the vaccine to teachers in the 1-B group.

"Our goal is to get all of our staff vaccinated," DISD Director of Health Services Jennifer Finley said. "It's an extra layer of the safety measure that we already have in place, and just the hope that we can get back to normal."

The Dallas County vaccines will be by appointment only. Click here to register. You can also get on a vaccine list with your health provider.

*Map locations are approximate, central locations for the city and are not meant to indicate where actual infected people live.

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