Dallas County Cancels Some Jury Trials


Dallas County is canceling all jury trials scheduled in the George Allen Civil Courthouse and all Justice of the Peace Courts until April 13.

County officials say anyone summoned to appear at the George Allen Courthouse or a J.P. Court prior to April 13 should not report nor call to reschedule their service.

This cancellation applies only to jury trials at the George Allen Civil Courthouse and at the Justice of the Peace Courts and not to the Frank Crowley Criminal Courthouse.

“In making the decision to suspend all civil juries for the next 30 days, I have factored in the risk-reward of continuing this important service. At this time, I have decided not to suspend all criminal jury trials as the inability to guarantee a speedy trial could result in cases being dismissed. However, we will modify the way juries are selected in criminal trials by not using the Central Jury Room where large groups had previously gathered upon arrival. This is one of many steps we will take to ensure that jurors are safe. This is a rapidly developing situation and we will be monitoring the science and making adjustments continually,” said County Judge Clay Jenkins.

If individuals have questions about their summons or service at George Allen, please call 214-653-6233. For specific J.P. Courts, please call that individual Court.

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