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COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Coming to Fort Worth; Participants Sought

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A medical research firm is launching COVID-19 vaccine trials in North Texas and they’re seeking participants.

Benchmark Research announced on July 16 that Fort Worth has been selected to test a vaccine aimed at preventing the spread of the virus.

Essential workers, in particular, are needed for this vaccine trial, according to the firm.

Those likely to be exposed to COVID-19 at work including those in the medical field, construction workers, teachers, retail workers and delivery drivers.

Benchmark Medical research firm is seeking adult participants: frontline workers in regular contact with the public and likely to be exposed to the virus, according to a press release.

Clinical trials are conducted under FDA guidelines, assessing the safety and effectiveness of each vaccine.

A researcher at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center is not affiliated with the trial spoke with NBC 5 about vaccine trials in general.

Dr. Robert Gottlieb, principal investigator of over 10 COVID -19 trials at BSW says researchers don’t necessarily know if something works or not until it’s tested.

Finding people willing to do through the research phase is key for any study.

“Without the altruism of citizens that want to help themselves, their family members and the good of society we would never be able to get the research done so we’re critically reliant on them,” he said.

Benchmark Research is also seeking participants over 65 and high-risk people with chronic health conditions including obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Those interested in participating can call 1-888-902-9605 or visit: to learn more.

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