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Coronavirus Threat Doesn't Change Dallas ISD Cleaning Procedure: Contractor

Company that cleans classrooms and buses for Dallas ISD says the process of disinfecting surfaces will not change should coronavirus appear within the district.

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The regional director of the private contractor that handles the disinfecting of school buses for the Dallas Independent School District said that the potential threat of the coronavirus changes nothing about their routine.

The staff of GermBlast routinely wipes down every school bus that carries Dallas ISD students to and from class each day.

After a wipe down of the surfaces, and the air vents that could potentially spread airborne infections, the staff uses a sprayer that shoots out a disinfecting mist that is meant to sterilize all that it touches.

But should a student become infected with the coronavirus that procedure would remain the same.

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“It’s going to be as detailed as we normally do every single day,” said Yassiel Ibarra or GermBlast. “Of course we know the risk of the coronavirus, how it is perceived. But, again, it is something we don on a day-to-day basis.”

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