Coronavirus Looms Over Local Restaurants

The coronavirus is taking a toll on North Texas restaurants

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The coronavirus outbreak is affecting the bottom line for some North Texas businesses.

John Jun, founding member of the Korean Asian Coalition, said some Asian restaurants are seeing up to a 30% decrease in sales.

“The mom-and-pop businesses might not be able to sustain themselves for the duration of this,” Jun said.

But it isn’t just Asian businesses.

Jerry Elliott, owner of Addison Ice House, said a local company essentially rented out his restaurant for a happy hour mixer later this month.

Then, the reservation for 70 people was suddenly canceled.

“Happy hour parties cancel all the time which, it sucks, but it’s not a big deal. I was just more shocked at why they canceled,” Elliott said.

The reason was explained in a text that read: “So I have some sad news… due to the Coronavirus, our firm has suggested that we suspend our mid busy season HH ☹ Thank you for getting this set up for us, and I really hope this virus moves past us all soon."

“It’s kind of shocking that so many people are already getting affected here,” Elliott said.

Elliott said his sales haven't taken a dramatic hit but worries it could get worse during what's typically a busy spring break season.

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