Coronavirus Drive-Thru Test Sites Expected to Open This Weekend in Dallas County

Crews set up tents at Ellis Davis Field House and the American Airlines Center on Friday

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Dallas County officials said they plan on opening two COVID-19 locations on Saturday. The county said it's still finalizing details and expected to release new information on Friday.

Throughout the day at Ellis Davis Field House and in a parking lot next to American Airlines Center, crews set up white tents that will serve as testing locations for people in the county.

To qualify, you must be 65 older, a first responder, a healthcare worker or a DART driver. Only those with a temperature above 99.6 degrees will be tested.

Dallas County said it plans to divide 4,800 tests between the two locations.

Dallas County officials said they plan on opening two COVID-19 locations on Saturday. The county said it’s still finalizing details and expected to release new information on Friday.

While the tests give the county a huge increase in the number of government-provided tests, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said it's only a fraction of what he's requested from the federal government.

“Right now, I don’t know how far back our visibility is. I know I’m not getting a snapshot of what was happening yesterday. Am I seeing what was happening a week ago? And I’m trying to keep you safe tomorrow based on information that’s not accurate for the situation on the ground," said Judge Jenkins.

Over in Tarrant County, crews were seen prepping tents in the parking lot of JPS.

Healthcare providers continue to offer screenings for people who think they may have the coronavirus.

“Community physicians and physicians in general, are really on the front lines of handling these questions and concerns from families," said Dr. Stormee Williams, Medical Director and Vice President of Network Development and Innovation. She also serves as the Medical Director of Virtual Health at Children's Health.

She said they have an app called, 'Children's Virtual Visit' and anyone can use it to reach a provider online if they believe they may have COVID-19. Usually, the app is reserved for current patients, but given the current situation, they've opened up to children and adults.

“We are so thankful to be able to provide covid-screening free through the app right now and it’s such a great benefit to families to have those questions answered to really provide some reassurance for families out there," said Williams.

People have to download the app on their cell phone or access the telemedicine app through their computer. Once they create an account, they'll be asked a series of questions.

The service is free once people type in the code: COVID19

“So after going through the screening questions, if we determine that someone needs further testing, we refer them to their primary care provider who can order test at their local lab agency and of course, if we see any type of illness or respiratory symptoms that require more urgent care, they can be referred to an emergency room," said Williams.

She said if someone doesn't have a primary care physician, they'll refer them to one.

“I think right now at this point this is just a very uncertain time for our world and everyone is doing their best to make sure that we are taking care of families and making life better for children. That is our primary goal at children’s health and with that, we’re extending our virtual compatibles throughout the hospital system to make sure that we are keeping well families well and away from the hospital as much as possible and we are really excited about some of the things that are happening within our health system as we all adjust to our new normal," explained Williams.

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