Coronavirus Bangs? Yes, It's a Thing

With lots of free time, social media users are sharing their DIY haircuts

Gabriella Ybarra, 19, gave herself bangs during the coronavirus pandemic. Ybarra, a freshman at Mississippi State University, decided to cut her hair while bored and self-quarantining on campus after seeing TIkTok users post about modifying their hair.
Gabriella Ybarra

Grab. Twist. Cut.

That's all it takes to create the perfect bangs during a coronavirus self-quarantine, according to do-it-yourself hair trimming videos circulating on social networks. Some social media users are passing their time cutting their hair and sharing pics of their new tresses, coining them #pandemicbangs.

One Mississippi State University freshman is still living in her dorm, taking online classes and hasn’t seen anyone recently because of the virus.

"With spare time comes a lot of bad decisions but this one was a good one for me," said 19-year-old Gabriella Ybarra. "So I cut my hair."

Ybarra said she has been bored for the most part, and rationalized trying a home haircut made sense because if she messed it up, no one would see her for a while.

After recently watching TikTok videos of DIY hair dying, and since she didn’t have hair dye and she did have scissors, she figured she’d try cutting bangs for the first time ever.

Ybarra is not in contact with many people on campus but plans on staying until "they kick me out."

"I’m very lucky. My university is handling it a lot better than other schools have been. I’m glad they are letting us stay on campus because some of us don’t have the ability to leave," the east Houston native said.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many communities requiring shelter-in-place and Americans are encouraged to practice social distancing, many beauty salons and barber shops have had to temporary close their doors, disrupting personal grooming habits.

Some hairdressers and salons are joining the conversation on social media suggesting that clients do not cut their hair. South Main Street Salon in Evart, Michigan posted to Facebook:

"We understand that 3 weeks without that magical feeling of getting your hair done will be torture... we WILL SURVIVE the bad hair pandemic of 2020!... And you shouldn't, under any circumstances get the crazy idea that you need bangs!!!"

But Beth Scherr, with a scissor in hand and peering through freshly cut bangs, was all for it. She posted to Instagram: "#pandemicbangs baby! Why the hell not?! Who's with me?"

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