Coronavirus Alters Couple's Wedding Plans

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The coronavirus pandemic has forced weddings to be rescheduled, postponed or scaled back.

That's the case with Mattie Carranza. She grew up in Carrollton, moved away but was planning to come home to North Texas for her April 17 wedding.

Mattie Carranza opted for a beach wedding in California rather the one she had planned next month in North Texas. Credit: Rachael Capua

Carranza, though, now lives and works in California which is on lockdown to reduce the spread of coronavirus, the virus that causes COVID-19.

So, Carranza and fiancee Carl Meesse decided to speed up things and got married in a private ceremony on the beach last weekend.

Caranza's family back in North Texas and the groom's family in Iowa listened to the ceremony as the couple took their vows.

Her sister, Rachael Capua, told NBC 5 it was sad not be there "but still so precious."

Capua said there will be a big celebration back home for the couple later, but for now, "if you have to be quarantined, be quarantined together."

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