Comedians Join Fight Against COVID-19

Four Day Weekend produces videos to remind users on Trinity Trails of social distance

The comedians of Four Day Weekend in Fort Worth are using their talents to help slow the spread of coronavirus.

Streams and Valleys, Inc., the nonprofit that dedicated to saving, sharing and celebrating the Trinity River, asked the group to put a little fun into a serious message about social distancing along the Trinity Trails.

"It's not Big Brother or Mad Mother but a needed laugh with a serious message," said Streams & Valleys Exec. Dir. Stacey Pierce.

The first one featured the Trinity Trails Referee. The skit features a referee who calls out people for "infection infractions", then reminds them to keep their distance as they walk, jog or bike on the Trinity Trails.

The second in the series is called Mime Meltdown. In this one, a mime watches in satisfaction as people share the trail while staying safe. When the rules get broke, the mime melts down.

"What part of six feet apart do you not understand? It's called social distancing. Back off. C'mon, people. We're all in this together. A little help here, please," he shouts.

Pierce says several years ago, Streams & Valleys, the City of Fort Worth, Mayfest and the Tarrant Regional Water District collaborated on the creation of a trail safety campaign called SHARE THE TRAIL.

The campaign was originally designed to address issues like speed, bike vs. pedestrian conflicts and other basic etiquettes.

With more people staying at home to slow coronavirus and getting outdoors for a little escape, traffic on the trails is up.

"We have many new users AND we must be especially careful to mind our manners and keep our distance," Pierce wrote.

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