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‘Come Get Them': Erath County Vaccination Center Has More Shots Than People Registered, Officials Say

The Erath County Vaccination Center is receiving about 1,000 first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine a week

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For those searching for a COVID-19 vaccine, the authorities at the Erath County Vaccination Center say if you are eligible, they have plenty of them.

"We’ve served a lot of folks and we just don’t have the arms to put them in right now," Stephenville Assistant Fire Chief Chuck Elliot, who helps oversee the county's vaccine operations, said.

Elliot said the county operation has vaccinated about 6,000 people since it started to receive vaccines eight weeks ago. Initially, the state was only sending around 100 doses to the county. That's now grown to 1,000 first doses a week, Elliot said.

Now, the county has more vaccines than people registered to receive a shot.

"I’d rather have people waiting for vaccines because if they are sitting in my refrigerator they’re not in arms where they need to be," Elliot said.

Elliot said the county is trying to spread the word among Erath County residents that they are vaccinating all eligible priority groups, but anyone from across Texas is welcome to come to Stephenville to get the vaccine.

"We'd take anybody that would come here right now," Elliot said, adding he hoped the state opens the vaccine up to more people so they can give shots to more people.

To receive a vaccine at the Erath County Vaccination Center, you must be currently eligible to receive the vaccine and you must register through their online portal. Appointments are required.

Following NBC 5's report Monday, the county saw more than 1,000 new sign-ups in its online vaccine registration portal, said Scott Brinkley, Planning Section Chief for the county's vaccine center.

Elliott said people are receiving a vaccine typically within a week of registering.

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