Chatrooms or Classrooms? Experts Encourage Technology Monitoring

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Chances are, under your roof, everyone is in their own corner of the house logged on to their computer working, studying, or chatting online.

"Lets not always assume it's school work that's being done on the computer. What a perfect excuse that kids have for being on the device all the time that 'I'm doing school work,'" said Kyle Berger, Chief Technology Officer for Grapevine-Colleyville ISD.

All through the school year, Berger hosts parent technology classes where parents come and learn what new apps and technology kids are using.

"Students have created their own zoom classrooms, their own rooms, so you might think they're on there with their teacher, but they're actually there with their friends or somebody else," Berger added.

Berger suggests having students make a schedule of when all their online class sessions are so you know when they have a video conference meeting and when they might be talking to someone else.

Parents should also talk to their teachers about zoom classes, make sure those teachers are using passwords, and only sharing links to classes privately, otherwise, anyone can look in.

Grapevine-Colleyville ISD is putting together a class online to help parents better police the sites used for online learning. They're free and anyone can sign up.   Look for information next week at

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