Business Owners, Leaders Adjust to COVID-19 Projections

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In the age of COVID-19, uncertainty is among the few things businesses in DFW can truly count on. As cases rise across North Texas, business strategies are also evolving.

“It’s a little bit of frustration but you realize it’s not just you, everyone is dealing with this issue,” said Jesse Santos, Co-owner of ‘Taqueria 3 Carnales’ in Denton.

Santos and his family opened their Denton location in June and despite strong business so far they have decided to hold off on some projects, hoping to better gauge what the months ahead might bring.

“We were going to open up the restaurant with a liquor license but decided not to add that expense at the moment,” Santos said.

Businesses all across DFW are grappling with similar scenarios. Many who have had workers working from home and had planned to phase in a return to the office plan are reconsidering.

“For professional services, most of those companies are letting workers stay at home if they can,” said Angela Farley, Chief Operating Officer for the Dallas Chamber of Commerce.

Adam Gersting leads the Dallas office for West Monroe, a business and tech consulting firm and like others in his field, spiking COVID-19 cases mean the new normal will be here for months to come.

“Within our organization, we are continuing to work remotely and are not returning at this time to our office,” Gersting said.

Ultimately, across various fields, business leaders hope projections will stabilize and growth planned for the future will be possible during the second half of 2020.

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