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Booster Shots, Employee Mandates Behind Uptick in Vaccinations

A MedStar spokesperson said they are starting to see more people register for a vaccine due to employee mandates

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Across North Texas, vaccine providers say they’re seeing an uptick in demand for the COVID-19 shot, mainly driven by the approval of the Pfizer booster shot, but also by employee mandates.

Week after week MedStar’s headquarters in Fort Worth opens its doors for a COVID-19 vaccine clinic.

Tuesday’s clinic had twice the number registered than weeks past thanks to the approval of the Pfizer booster dose. It’s why MedStar is now requiring people to register for their clinics, so they can ensure they have enough vaccine supply.

Richard Newhouse registered for the clinic so he could get his booster shot.

“They say, 'Get yourself a flu shot every year.' I got a flu shot,” Newhouse said. “They say, 'Get a COVID booster shot.' I get a COVID booster shot.”

While willing to get his third shot, Newhouse said he didn't like the idea of an employer mandating it.

“It’s one of those things,” Newhouse said. “I like to do it. I don’t like being told to do it.”

MedStar spokesperson Matt Zavadsky said in addition to the spike in those requesting booster doses, they are starting to see more people register for a vaccine due to employee mandates.

“We’re actually doing a pop-up clinic tomorrow for a local employer,” Zavadsky said. “They have 100 people signed up for vaccines tomorrow and the majority of those people are first doses.”

In Dallas, at the State Fair of Texas vaccine clinic, more than 1,000 people have been vaccinated since opening day.

Dallas County Health and Human Services spokesperson Christian Grisales said half of those people received their third Pfizer shot.

“It’s great, however, it could be better,” Grisales said. “We want more people vaccinated because we want to prevent hospitalizations. We want to prevent deaths.”

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