Bone Marrow Transplant Drives Postponed by Coronavirus

Bone marrow drives that are normally held in person can't be done

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While coronavirus is keeping many people sheltered at home, it's also keeping some people from pursuing life-saving procedures.

Normally bone marrow drives are done in person. Often they happen on college campuses or other large gatherings to raise awareness.

Brandi Faulknor is one of those patients in need. She's diagnosed with an aggressive form of Leukemia. She's already undergone two rounds of chemotherapy and has been in the hospital mostly since February.

Her only chance at a cure is a bone marrow transplant.

She and her family turned to Facebook to try to spread the message that bone marrow donors are desperately needed. Her donor page is here.

"You are saving people's lives and there are millions of us waiting all around the world right now," Faulknor said. "We are depending on someone else, a donor, to save our life and ultimately cure us."

One of the leading bone marrow transplant organizations, Be The Match, said so far 127 live drives have been canceled in March and April across the country. They estimate more than 12,792 registrations will not occur because of it.

To help you can text "match4brandi" to 61474.  You are sent a cheek swab that you mail back. Postage is paid for you. Then you are entered to see if you a match for Brandi or anyone else in need.

To learn more about Be The Match click here.

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