Beauty Industry Struggling to Stay Afloat As Clients Cancel Appointments over Coronavirus Fears

Many are small businesses who are locally owned and are struggling as fewer customers come in for hair or nail services

NBC 5 News

Business at Salon Pompeo has reduced to a trickle because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Hairstylist, Karina Laszlo had a bride, flying in from Chicago, cancel Friday.

“My whole day was hair and makeup for the wedding. I’m pretty much always booked. I have a blowout and a little kid’s haircut today and I’m done,” said Laszlo.

Salon Pompeo owner Deanna Dipizio-Johnson is limiting the number of stylists to three a day and relying on staff to take their own safety steps.

“I’ve asked everyone to take their temperature before they come to work. We’ve had two people in the last week who’ve had a temperature, so they’re out of the game,” said Dipizio-Johnson.

Over at Beyoutiful Nail Lounge in Uptown, owner Alex Pham said he’s been busy reassuring concerned customers.

“I’ve been answering the phone for my clients who are making sure we are sanitized and the technicians are healthy to take care of them,” said Pham.

On Friday he allowed a few clients with appointments to come in, but they’re the last.

He decided to close his business for the next two weeks, after nearly 100% of his appointments canceled.

He plans to deep clean the nail salon during that time and hopes loyal customers eventually return.

“We are struggling financially and emotionally as well. It’s really hard to make a decision to let all my staff stop working for two weeks,” said Pham.

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