Aubrey Businesses Receive Local Help

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As the economic downturn impacts small businesses across America, local government in the small Denton County town of Aubrey has stepped up to help.   

The Aubrey Municipal Development District has given out about $200,000 in grant money to roughly 20 small businesses.

“When they first approached and said, 'I didn’t want it to be insulting,' I was like, 'Any amount. Any amount will help,'" said Marisa Stover, owner of Casey & CO.

The money was intended to help businesses who needed assistance to survive. Many of the smallest of small businesses have struggled to navigate the Small Business Administration’s complex grant and loan processes.

In contrast, the development district's application process was simple by design.

"It was a one-paper process to a one-paper check into our hands very quickly," Krys Murray, owner of Mom's restaurant said.

While it’s unclear when economic conditions will improve, there is a feeling of togetherness in the Aubrey business community that many hope will make navigating the future, whatever it holds, easier.

"(The grant) was extremely appreciated, extremely timely and really a blessing for us all," Murray said.

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