Art Imitates Life in North Texas Doctor's State Fair Entry

A North Texas doctor used COVID-19 response for his inspiration in the State Fair of Texas art contest

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A North Texas doctor was tending to patients Tuesday from his office in Dallas. The patients where not there in person, but at home on their computers.

"We're trying not to bring anybody in the office," said Dr. Jeff Goudreau, an internist and sports medicine doctor in Dallas. "Because we don't want any fever or any problems here."

The COVID-19 response has changed the way Medical Specialists Associated does business. Goudreau has gone from seeing 250 patients a week in his office, to tending to half a dozen patients via telemedicine.

COVID-19 also impacted one of the doctor's hobbies: art.

"Each year I usually do a Big Tex theme," Goudreau said, pointing to paintings on the walls of exam rooms. Many of them have ribbons from the State Fair of Texas attached to them.

"I always do the same size 24 inches by 24 inches," he said.

It's his version of the Andy Warhol soup can. This year, his art imitates life.

"I decided to put the molecule in his left hand, put the mask on his face."

Goudreau painted Big Tex in COVID-19 times. He said it was his take on this year's fair theme, Texas Icons.

"I just thought 'Icons' is Texans helping Texans," Goudreau said. "The food delivery people, the post office workers."

As well as the volunteers, medical staff and neighbors helping other neighbors.

"I just thought it was a message of hope," Goudreau said. "Yeah, Texans helping other Texans."

He said he looked forward to the time when everyone can say "Howdy, folks!" in person.

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