Arlington Pastors Make Sure People Still Receive Holy Week Message

Three pastors a day shared a message for the six days of Passion Week

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Pastors in Arlington are collaborating to make sure their Holy Week message reaches the masses, even though they aren't in church because of COVID-19.

About a year ago, a group of pastors created Engage Arlington, an online forum to be a spiritual needs resource for people.

Eighteen pastors joined in for a Passion Week collaborative. 

Each day of Passion Week, three different pastors shared about the last seven words Jesus spoke from the cross.

Organizers said the goal was to uplift and encourage people with restorative hope in this unprecedented time of need.

"I think they are looking for things that they believe speaks to something much deeper in them,” First Baptist Church of Arlington Senior Pastor Dennis Wiles said. “It just so happens this has all come about at the Easter season and it's given the church an opportunity to speak that message in a very new way.”

There are also music performances included in the online presentation.

To see the Passion Week collaborative click here.

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