Arlington Fire Department Runs Out of COVID-19 Vaccines

Arlington Fire Department

On Friday, the Arlington Fire department announced it has run out of COVID-19 vaccines.

The department had been vaccinating people who signed up through Tarrant County and said they have distributed more than 18,000 first COVID-19 vaccines at the Esports Stadium & Expo Center.

A post on the fire department's Facebook page says "We hope to receive additional vaccine doses within a few days.  When we do, we will immediately resume first shot vaccinations."

For those that are expecting to receive their second vaccine from the Arlington Fire Department, the Facebook post went on to say "The Arlington Fire Department will notify by email or text those who received a first shot vaccination from us of their second shot vaccination date, time, and location only after we have confirmed second shot vaccine delivery from DSHS.  Second shot vaccinations will only be given to those who received a first shot vaccination at the Arlington site. To receive a second shot vaccination from the Arlington Fire Department, individuals must be on our first shot list and have a second shot appointment notice from the Arlington Fire Department.   Also, please bring your original vaccination card with you to the second shot appointment."

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