Allen Drive-Thru Coronavirus Testing Site to Open Tuesday

The site will be at the Post Acute Medical Rehabilitation Hospital of Allen

NBC 5 News

An Allen rehab hospital and a telemedicine company are partnering to offer a new drive-thru COVID-19 testing site that opens Tuesday.

The testing site will be in the parking lot of Post Acute Medical Rehabilitation Hospital of Allen. Post Acute Medical and Cura Telehealth will offer testing at sites around the country.

The test involves a small blood collection to detect antibodies to the virus, according to Cura Telehealth.

"We are so pleased to have the opportunity that Post Acute Medical has given Cura by providing space to allow testing at PAM hospitals,” Cura CEO Clint Baird said. "We are offering rapid antibody testing. For the antibody test, we emphasize that positive results are meaningful. It means that you have had the virus and your body has mounted an immuneresponse."

Post Acute Medical operates more than 40 specialty hospitals around the country.

"We look forward to the opportunity to provide space for Cura Telehealth to conduct community COVD-19 testing,” said Anthony Misitano, CEO of PAM, "We are committed to our communities, and PAM wants to do its partto provide onsite space for increased testing in our communities."

Before anyone visits the testing site, they are urged to follow instructions listed here.

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