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All Arlington ISD Employees Invited to Get COVID-19 Vaccine Monday

Arlington ISD
NBC 5 News

All Arlington ISD employees have been invited to receive the COVID-19 vaccine on Monday, March 8.

Employees will be given the one-dose Johnson & Johnson shot by the Arlington Fire Department and other health professionals.

A letter, sent to employees from Superintendent Marcelo Cavazos, stating that all employees will soon receive an email with a one-question survey. If an employee wants the vaccine on Monday, they must respond to the survey by 5 p.m. on Thursday to reserve their spot.

The superintendent's letter also states "We know you will have questions about specific time slots and locations. Those details will be determined and communicated to you in a future message based upon the number of people who answer the survey and indicate they will be taking the vaccine on Monday."

The invitation for the vaccine included all Arlington ISD employees, including substitutes.

The letter was posted on social media on Wednesday night by Arlington ISD Board of Trustee member Justin Chapa.

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