Advice From Experts on Quarantine Haircuts and Dye

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Stay at home orders have shut down barbershops and hair salons across the country.

As those orders continue in many states, people are left to be their own barbers or stylists. For some, that has been a dangerous venture. Others have laughed off their mistakes. Some just not bold enough to even try on their own.

Trending on social media since the coronavirus pandemic shuttered salons has been #ShowMeYourRoots and #COVIDCuts as people show the internet their best work.

“We totally understand you may have been salon goers and this is the first time you are doing it on your own,” Shvonne Perkins, master colorist with Madison Reed said in a Facebook live tutorial. “Don’t worry, we got you. This is going to be easy.”

The company has touted big business since people have been ordered to social distance.

“Through the first week in April, we saw a 15-time increase in revenue from new customers and a 19-time increase in purchases by salon goers,” Mary O’Connell Vice President of Communications and Content of Madison Reed said. " At normal staffing levels, Color Crew has about 30 people; now it's up to 115 and climbing. Plus we will be hiring."

Followed by the purchases were all the online requests and phone calls for help.

That’s when the company started doing Facebook live tutorials to help.

Perkins had several quick tips for anyone looking to touch up their roots or use an all-over color.

Before you start:  

1)Try to know your hair color history especially if you've used color in the past; it will help you pick the right color. 

2) Make sure you understand that hair color cannot lighten other permanent hair colors. If you're doing a root touchup, use the same or similar color that you currently have.  

3) If you're doing an all-over color and have long hair or thick or coily hair, make sure you get extra color. Madison Reed offers an extra tube of color option. If you're buying from a drugstore brand, make sure to buy two kits. You don't want to get half-way through and not have enough color to finish the job. 

If you're ready to start applying color: 

1) Part your hair neatly to stay organized

2) Use small enough sections you can get enough saturation of color; when you're applying, it should have about the same thickness as Greek yogurt. 

3) Make sure to wash out any styling products or the residue of any other products (dry shampoo) that might still be on your hair. You want to be sure your hair can absorb color.   

4) Wear an old button-down shirt so you don't have to pull anything over your head before you shampoo.

There are several salons in North Texas selling their own color kits to make the process easier for customers while they are doing the job themselves. Some of those are Rossi Park, Dallas , Jean Philippe Salon, Park Cities , Pura Vida Salon, Dallas, Dear Clark, Dallas and could require call-ahead orders.

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