About $1 Trillion for States and Cities in New Aid Package

The House of Representatives is expected to vote on the legislation Friday

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave details of a new $3 trillion Coronavirus Aid Package on Tuesday. 

The plan sets aside about $1 trillion dollars for states and cities to help prevent layoffs. U.S. Rep. Marc Veasey (D-Fort Worth) believes this is beneficial to North Texas.

”Dallas and Fort Worth are the only two cities in the metroplex that have over a half million people, so they received money directly from the federal government with the previous package. But this package will allow cities like Irving, like Plano, like Grand Prarie, Arlington, to receive money directly from the federal government, which is something that they need to help fill some of their budget shortfalls by them not being able to generate as much sales tax which is what cities survive on,” said Veasey.

The bill also includes $200 billion in hazard pay for essential workers and money for individuals and families.

“I absolutely do expect it to pass,” Veasey added. 

If it does, it goes to the Republican-controlled Senate

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn (R-Austin) said his side will insist on liability protections, for those who follow government guidelines reopening businesses.

“We know one of the biggest impediments to reopening is going to be employers afraid of lawsuits, frivolous lawsuits.  While I do believe that we need to have recourse for people who have been harmed through the fault of others, we don’t need to invite a flood of frivolous litigation just because it looks like here is an opportunity to do that,” said Cornyn.

House members are expected to vote on the legislation on Friday.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said there is no urgency to act quickly.

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