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Abbott Recognizes National Doctors' Day and Faces Backlash from Twitter Users

Some say the governor's spotlight on the pandemic's frontline workers did not match his decision to end the mask mandate earlier this month

Picture of Texas Governor Greg Abbott
NBC 5 News

Gov. Greg Abbott (R) recognized National Doctors' Day on Tuesday by sending a special Twitter shout-out to all of the Texas physicians who have put the health of the state above themselves, and an overwhelming flock of Twitter users had one common response.

"Doctors have sacrificed so much to serve our communities during the COVID pandemic," Abbott said. "So today I'd like to say a special thank you to all of the doctors in the great state of Texas. Thank you for fighting on the frontlines of the pandemic to keep Texans healthy."

Many Texans commented on the governor's thank you by providing their concerns on Abbott's recent decision to lift the mask mandate in early March.

"Well, maybe you should respect them. You lifting the mask mandate puts them at greater risk & directly conflicts with their recommendations to stop the spread," one user tweeted.

Another user commented, "the best way to thank them is to ensure that masking is required to protect them."

The governor has not responded to any of the tweets regarding mask mandate concerns.

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