27-Year-Old Garland Man Fighting for Life Against COVID-19

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A Garland police officer is asking for prayers, saying his family needs a miracle as his 27-year-old son fights for his life against COVID-19.

Like a lot of young people, Rene Granado believes it was a perception of invincibility that kept his son Fabian from getting vaccinated.

“Fabian is an incredible person. For a 27-year-old, he has accomplished a whole lot in his life,” said Rene Granado. “He’s a man’s man. He’s the man that will do anything for you at any time.”

It’s an image that’s hard to reconcile with the person now lying in a hospital bed, relying on machines.

Two weeks ago, Granado flew from Garland to sit by Fabian’s bedside in Jacksonville, Florida where he’s enrolled in trade school.

He said he encouraged his son to get the vaccine, but he didn’t make it a priority.

“He thought if he got COVID that he could beat it because he’s always had this I can fight anything, I can win anything attitude,” said Granado.

Now with Fabian hooked to both an ECMO machine and ventilator, Granado said they’re hoping for a miracle and relying on prayers, which have poured in not only from North Texas but all over the world.

Still, he fears the worst.

“If it comes to that point, what do I tell him? Do I tell him 'Son, you’re not going to make this?’ Or do I just tell him, ‘I love you,' and try my best not to cry through it?” he said.

It’s an unimaginable situation for any parent, one he hopes others won’t have to face.  

“If there’s one thing that Fabian can do, that his life can do to save people out there, to serve God’s will, listen to me and go get your vaccine,” said Granado.

He said Fabian’s story has convinced others in their family who weren’t vaccinated to get the vaccine.

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