2 Million Children Under 12 Vaccinated Against COVID-19; Texas Lags Behind

Children in Texas account for just 1.2% of those 5-11 vaccinated against the virus

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In the first week of eligibility, 900,000 children ages 5 to 11 received a COVID-19 shot. As Thanksgiving approaches, that number has more than doubled.

A North Texas mother whose daughter got her first dose ahead of the festivities said they did not hesitate.

When it comes to 10-year-old Serenity Meeks, some things take a little convincing -- like whether to include a side of vegetables with a steak dinner. Recently though, Myeisha Meeks said she was on the same page with her daughter about an important decision.

“She’s been asking to get vaccinated,” Myeisha Meeks said. “So, once we found out that ages 5 to 11 were available, she was like, ‘Mommy when can I get vaccinated?'"

Last week, they went to a clinic where Serenity got her first dose of the COVID-19 shot. It was an event worth documenting on their cell phone.

Myeisha Meeks said they’ll spend the holidays around extended family – many of them well into their senior years. It was a personal decision for her peace of mind.

“We’ll be around my dad and her great aunts, and then my grandmother which is her great grandmother. And to be around them, I want them to be safe,” she said.

Serenity is one of some 2 million children nationwide between ages 5-11 to receive their first shot. Texas, though, lags behind other states with just 1.2% of that population injected. Massachusetts leads the nation in child vaccinations, with about 20% receiving their first dose.

Myeisha Meeks said one of the eldest in her family is 89 years old. Several decades apart in age from Serenity, but they’ll be together for the holidays.

“Now that she’s vaccinated there is this overwhelming peace,” Meeks said.

Pediatric COVID-19 vaccines are available at providers across North Texas.

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