Pro Tips for the Perfect Shot When Taking Video at Home

NBCUniversal, Inc.

Most of us are working from home during this time of social distancing. Working from home doesn’t mean work actually ends though and for some people, they have more to do now than ever before.

Often times those responsibilities now include digital meetings with co-workers, interviews using your cell phone or sending in videos you have to record yourself.

Here are a couple tips to making better videos from home:

EYE LEVEL: Whether you are using a computer, tablet or phone, you want to make sure the camera is at eye level.

LIGHTING: Light is very important, whether it’s natural light or the light in your home. Make sure the light is always behind the camera and not behind you. If you sit in front of a window to work, make sure you are looking out of that window and the camera is facing inside towards you. You never want the window behind you. That will backlight your shot and cast a shadow.

LAMP LIGHTING: If there is a lamp in the room, make sure it is behind the camera and not behind you. Some people choose to use a ring light on their computer if they are making a lot of video calls. The ring light is a circular fluorescent or LED lamp that will reduce the shadows on your face.

SOUND: Maybe more important than the audio is the video. People on the other end have to hear you. Often times, home is the loudest though. So if you have a lot going on at your house, move to a room with carpet and a place you can close the door. Sit as close to the carpet as possible to absorb the sound. This will reduce the hollow sound you often here if you’re talking in a hallway or a big room with high ceilings.

BACKDROP: The backdrop can be really important as well, for a number of reasons. If it’s the wrong backdrop, it can be distracting to the person on the other end of the video call or conference. You really have two options here. You can choose neutral, like a plain wall or a bookcase with a lot of items that show your personality. Showing people you’re here for business, but you also have a life outside of work. 

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