Live Tips for Students Whose Internships Are Affected By COVID-19

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This is an interesting time for students who were getting ready for internships for the spring or semesters. Many of those learning opportunities have been postponed or even canceled due to COVID-19.

The Mark Cuban Heroes Center is hosting an Instagram live Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. The live help session will be headlined by Chayse Joubert, the first intern for the organization. Joubert said he will highlight the things he learned in his intern roll more than 10 years ago and how they still apply today. Especially for students who are trying to navigate the next steps amidst the pandemic.

“A couple things I had picked up from my experience during my internship that I have utilized would be the ability to multitask in high-stress situations. That’s something that I’ve actually taken with me throughout every facet of my career,” Joubert said.

The Mark Cuban Heroes Center is a training facility where they provide on and off the court training for ages five and up offering life skills as well as internships for students enrolled in high school, college and trade schools.

The Cuban Center interns are working remotely to produce a series of free virtual Center Court Conversations with various professionals.

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