Job Hunting Tips During Uncertain Times

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Unprecedented high unemployment along with economic and public health uncertainty will make any job search extremely difficult.

There are still things you can do to navigate the market in these uncertain times.

NBC 5 talked to a hiring expert who gave tips on what you can do right now.

Staying open minded is critical right now. Hiring expert Jackie Ducci says it’s best to stay open to all possibilities and this is the time to embrace something that you normally wouldn’t.  

"Being able to take the skills that you have and then thinking about what other arena they could apply to, and then just redirecting your job search to go after the opportunities where they are is something you could do right now," said hiring expert, Jackie Ducci.

Some big industries hiring right now include healthcare, construction, delivery services, and grocers, tens of thousands of jobs available.  

And it’s important to note, Ducci says there’s a fine line between enthusiasm and desperation during a job interview.

She says employers want people that really want to work for them long-term, not just looking for anything available.

“So if you walk into an interview and you seem really desperate, like you’re just grasping for anything, it’s not going to go well for you, the hiring manager is going to lean towards someone who wants to be with their company, so if you can convey that when you’re sitting across from someone in the interview about why you want to be there as opposed to just landing anywhere it will work in your favor for sure,” said Ducci.  

If you are fortunate enough right now to get an interview, and even make it to the offering stage of the hiring process, and you get an offer, Ducci says, take it.

There likely won’t be much bargaining or back and forth negations during this time.

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