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Chocolate-Kissed Strawberries Satisfy a Sweet Tooth

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There's saying that goes, "Life is short. Eat dessert first."

You may want to start your day there as we help families Stay Home. Stay Safe. Eat Well.

A dessert doesn't get more simple or maybe more satisfying than Carol Ritchie's Strawberries Kissed with Dark Chocolate.

"A little chocolate pumps up the flavor," Ritchie said.

Fresh strawberries with chocolate grated on top finish off a meal. Credit: Carol Ritchie

Ritchie also thinks it's a perfect dish where kids can help. Give them a small butter knife or paring knife, and they can be part of the process from prepping to eating.

The recipe developer, cooking instructor and culinary consultant has decades of experience in the kitchen and as a cooking show host. It all comes so easy for her now.

Carol Ritchie
Recipe developer, cooking instructor and culinary consultant Carol Ritchie has decades of experience in the kitchen and as cooking show host

So, she offers this encouragement as we all stay home and cook more.

"Just do one new concept a day, one new recipe a day. I'm sure everyone out there has cookbooks you can thumb through, but just focus on that one and build from there," Ritchie said. "And I always say you gotta cook fearlessly. If it's a mistake, it's not a mistake. it's just a new recipe."

Strawberries Kissed with Dark Chocolate
by Carol Ritchie - Cookin’ with Carol
Serves 4

  • 1 pound fresh strawberries, hulled and quartered
  • 4 dark chocolate kisses

Place strawberries in 4 individual serving bowls. Using a grater or microplane gadget, grate one dark chocolate kiss over each bowl of strawberries. Enjoy!

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