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Catholic Charities Fort Worth Needs Millions in Donations to Support Growing List People Asking for Help

CCFW says they need $4.2 million to serve the current list of clients, not including those who've reached out since the winter storm

NBC 5 News

Catholic Charities Fort Worth is making an unusual public call for donations, saying they aren't able to help everyone requesting assistance following last month's winter storm along with those seeking help amid the ongoing pandemic.

The long-serving nonprofit said they are in urgent need of funds and that they've had to put thousands of individuals and families on a 2-3 month waitlist for help. What's worse is that they've had to stop accepting applications for help until they can get caught up.

CCFW said they need $4.2 million to serve existing clients, excluding the most recent people who reached out for the first time.

The CCFW is looking for donations of any amount and will appreciate anything people are willing to give to help the community. To donate money or learn more, visit

Last year, CCFW was able to serve 10,000 clients through Community Care Call Center (people who call 2-1-1 for help) to support the community. They are asking those who are able, to donate to CCFW to serve those impacted by COVID-19 and the Winter Storm.

The CCFW is a nonprofit with a focus of education that strongly believes ending poverty is possible. They offer diverse services, poverty solutions and help tens of thousands in their 28-county diocese every year who consist of the working poor.

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