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Best Items to Buy in May

With two big shopping holidays, the month of May is ripe with sales and deals.

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The retail industry is seasonal and plugged into holidays. As stores work to make room for new items, you have a better chance of snagging good discounts.

Right now, you can find good deals on transitional items, like light jackets, jeans and spring clothing. And the time is right for certain appliances.

"Leading into Mother's Day, you're going to find a lot of those giftable small appliances, like pressure cookers, air fryers -- things that fit on the countertop," said Kristin McGrath of "And then heading into Memorial Day weekend, that's when you're going to find the sales on those big appliances: washer dryer sets, refrigerators. And the thing about Memorial Day sales, they are not just for that weekend, not just for the holiday weekend, they are going to start running a week or two in advance, so you've got plenty of time to look at your options."

Consumer Reports says mattresses are a good buy right now.

"With mattresses, we tend to see sales on them all year long,' said CR Shopping Editor, Samantha Gordon. "You should never, ever pay full price for a mattress - that's how frequent the sales are, but during these bigger sales moments like Memorial Day we tend to see larger discounts."

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