Study Shows 61% of Young Americans Believe ‘Plants are the New Pets'

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If you bought a houseplant over the past year, you're not alone. A new study revealed more than 60% of young Americans grew their houseplant collection over the pandemic.

According to a study conducted by CraftJack, "plant parenthood" was all the rage in 2021.

CraftJack's study found that six out of 10 Americans felt that "pets are the new kids, and plants are the new pets."

Among the single people surveyed, 35% said they found owning a houseplant to be an attractive quality, while one-third of married people said having a houseplant helps them wait before having children.

The overall top three houseplants of 2021 were succulents, aloe vera, and cacti.

Among millennials, the most popular plants were aloe vera, snake plants, and pothos, while the top three plants for "Boomers" were cacti, spider plants, and ferns.

The "trendiest" plants of 2021 were Monstera plants, fiddle leaf figs, and air plants.

People spend an average of $74 annually on house plants annually, the study found.

During the pandemic, 57% of respondents said having a houseplant supported their mental health, while 81% said they rely on houseplants when they are far from nature.

To view CraftJack's full study, click here.

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