Consumer Reports: Finding Good Tech Support

That dreaded moment your hard drive crashes. Do you know where to turn? Consumer Reports can tell you the best places to fix a failed computer, after surveying more than 4,400 computer owners about their experiences with tech support.

PC owners told Consumer Reports that they were very dissatisfied with the support they got. That was regardless of whether they went on the phone for support, or went online.

The survey found Acer and Toshiba solved only about 40 percent of user problems. Dell and Lenovo solved around 60 percent. Staples did better solving 70 percent of problems and Best Buy's Geek Squad solved 77 percent.

At the top of the pack is Apple's tech support. Apple owners told Consumer Reports that really regardless of phone service or going online, over 80 percent of the time their problem was resolved. And at the Genius Bar is Apple's walk-in tech support center. The survey found 86 percent of computer problems were resolved.

The survey found another good bet for tech support is independent computer stores. When it comes to troubleshooting, the survey found people who go to independents are as happy as those who go to Apple's Genius Bar.

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