During Pandemic, Woman Self-Publishes Interactive Journal, Inspires Healing and Self-Love

Sheena Jones decided to use 2020 as a time to follow her dreams

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In the heart of 2020, while the world slowed down, Sheena Jones decided to take her thoughts, accomplishments and failings and self-publish a book and interactive journal called the “LovMore Journal.”

What started as a simple online blog, has become a way for people across the country to dust off the lessons of life and find beauty in vulnerability.

Jones said, even in taking the leap of faith to self-publish, she found strength. She is an advocate for allowing yourself to be vulnerable and in doing so build stronger and more meaningful relationships with partners, friends, family and even co-workers.

In a time with so much angst and uncertainty, Jones hopes this journal will help people in the community with self-love and mental health. She hopes to inspire others to find their passions, follow their dreams and find healing.

Visit the LovMore Blog and find the journal at lovmoreblog.com

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