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Community Conversation: The North Face Dedicates Millions to Address Inequity in the Outdoors

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It has been proven that getting outside for just a few minutes a day can improve your health. This is especially true in a year where isolation, sedentary behavior and unhealthy habits have taken over.

For some, the great outdoors isn’t really on the radar. In this week’s Community Conversation: Call for Change, we explored how outdoor clothing brand The North Face is dedicating $7 million to address inequity in the outdoors. They are also announcing a new collaboration to help make it happen.

“Our initiative is called Reset the Normal and we are partnering with Lena Waithe and also Jimmy Chin who is one of our long time athletes who actually hear input from organizations that represent people of color but also aren’t necessarily from the outdoor industry so we are actually forming what’s called the Explore Fund Counsel. We’re working to bring people together and bring more diversity to other areas besides the outdoor spaces."

Waithe is the founder of Hillman Grad, a production company dedicated to championing underrepresented artists and communities. Waithe has opened new dialogues around inclusivity and elevating marginalized storytellers in film and television.

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