Walmart to Add Health Care Centers to 10 DFW Locations

Walmart expand 28 stores with health care centers in 2024 including eight in Houston and 10 in DFW

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Walmart plans to add more than two dozen healthcare centers to some of its stores next year, including 10 in North Texas, as the retailer moves deeper into providing primary care and other services.

The company said Thursday that it will open 28 centers in 2024, including 10 in Dallas and eight in Houston. It also will expand into the Phoenix and Kansas City, Missouri, areas with six and four locations, respectively.

The new centers will be built inside Walmart Supercenters and offer primary and dental care, and behavioral health and audiology help, among other services.

Walmart currently runs 32 centers and is adding 17 this year in Florida. Four of those centers are already in Texas at locations in Royse City, Garland, Palestine and Tyler.

"With this growth in 2024, we will nearly double our current footprint, offering accessible, convenient and affordable care in two new states and expanding our presence in Texas to help the communities we serve live better, healthier lives," Dr. David Carmouche, SVP, omnichannel care, said in a statement.

A spokeswoman said the centers will serve patients of all ages. But Walmart also is working with the healthcare giant UnitedHealth Group to provide value-based care to some people with Medicare Advantage coverage.

Those are privately run versions of the federal government's Medicare program mostly for people aged 65 and older.

Value-based care is an approach to medicine that is growing popular with billpayers like the federal government. It essentially rewards doctors for keeping patients healthy instead of paying them for every service they perform.

The idea is to help patients stay on their medications, control chronic health problems such as diabetes and avoid hospital stays and other expensive care.

Last month, CVS Health said it would pay $10.6 billion to buy the clinic operator Oak Street Health, which also specializes in value-based care.

Walmart opened its first health care center in 2019 and will be operating more than 75 health centers by the end of next year. The retailer runs more than 4,700 stores in the United States and 600 Sam's Club locations.

NBC 5 News and the Associated Press.
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