Turn Your Seasonal Job Into a Permanent Gig

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Many retailers across North Texas are looking to hire thousands of workers for the holiday season, and you should start applying now.

But how do you turn those seasonal jobs into permanent ones? We talked to a local business coach on tips to do just that as well as other ways to get and keep a job during a pandemic.

Dallas business coach Michelle Smith says when it comes to seasonal employment, it’s important that you keep it in perspective. Even though companies are looking for temporary workers during the holidays, it’s your opportunity to build a relationship, and show the employer you’re worth more than just a few weeks, or months of their time.

It’s all about work ethic. Don’t approach a seasonal job with a “short-timer” mentality.

“Make sure you know the entire market. Manage your expectations and understand that full-time position may or may not be available after you finish you seasonal role, so know what positions are out there with that particular company and others like it, because if you built that good relationship, you may not get a job there, but you may get a referral,” said Smith, a Certified Coach with NSC Coaching.  

If you’re looking for permanent work, you need to lean into your skillset and look for those companies that are hiring right now, Smith says.

And there are plenty.

Some people believe that because we’re in a pandemic, because there is an economic crisis, that the job market is absolutely dismal, and the reality is, there are some companies that are hiring more than others. But, Smith says you may have to have an open mind and dip into a different skill set to get your foot in the door.

She says understanding your why in your job search is also very important. You don’t want to end up with a job you don’t like. There are a number of resources available for you that can help you navigate a job market during a pandemic.

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