Supermarket Boom in Allen Bad for Albertsons?

As one supermarket chain closes three stores, others are reinventing themselves in Allen.

Shoppers at the new generation of grocery stores can buy everything from fresh sushi to homemade tortillas. In some Allen supermarkets, customers can even get a hot cup of Joe or a sample of fine wine while shopping.

A newly renovated Kroger in Allen is just one example of how the grocery store giant is trying to keep customers coming back.

"I think Allen has really gotten, you know, we have more options," shopper Kim Lee said.  "A lot (of) nicer stores are moving in."

With new grocery stores such as Market Street, Central Market and Whole Foods coming to Allen, traditional supermarkets may have trouble competing. Shopper Kristy Marshall said she thinks Albertsons may have trouble unless it "maybe change their format."

Albertsons is closing three stores in North Texas -- one each in Allen, Arlington and Frisco.

An Albertsons representative said there are many reasons why the stores, which were underperforming for some time, are closing.

She said she wasn't sure renovations would have helped. But the company is considering updates to some of its other supermarkets in the Metroplex.

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