Sign of The Times Along a Dallas Highway

It is a literal sign of the times along Highway 183 in Dallas -- a billboard that reads: Lender Wanted:  We Need To Buy A Thousand New GM Vans Now. 

Dave Capps' phone number is underneath.  He owns Capps Van & Truck Rental, and the billboard is a desperate attempt to finance a $20 million purchase. 

"Money is really tight," he said.  Before the economic meltdown and credit crunch, Capps routinely purchased thousands of vans at a time.

He said putting up a billboard was easier than going to banks. 

"I thought, I can go to every bank in Dallas.  And I can go with a big stack of papers under my arm, and I can get turned down," he explained. "It'll take two or three hours at every bank.  Or I can put up a billboard." 

It's working.  Capps says he's already had calls from at least two serious lenders.

Capps says he wants his new vans.  But more than anything, he hopes to send a message to lawmakers in Washington. 

"Mr. Obama, Congress, Senate ... get that money turned on," he said.

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