Dallas Company Debuts Safer, Talc-Free Baby Powder

A Dallas-based family-owned business is offering up a safer solution to mothers who want to keep their children away from talc-based powders.

Doctors say the fine particles in talc can get into a baby's lungs and cause asthma or pneumonia, so many mothers, like Jennifer Saenz, forgo talc in favor of lotions -- even though the lotions don't do a very good job of keeping their children dry.

That's why Naterra, a Dallas-based, family-run company, created and patented Baby Magic Patty Cake.

"We're still a small company, so we can listen to what moms are saying," said Peter Song, executive vice president of Naterra.

Baby Magic Patty Cake is a talc-free, dustless baby powder that is applied in the same way a makeup powder is applied on adults.  Since it is dustless, there is less concern about particles getting into a child's lung.

"They can just throw it in the diaper bag, don't have to worry about spilling anything," said Song.

Doctors are starting to recommend patty cake, and so are moms.

"It's very easy and clean on the go," Saenz said.

Patty Cake is sold on Amazon.com and DrugStore.com for about $8. It will be available in Walgreens and Babies"R"Us stores nationwide in late January.

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