Racy Restaurant Chain Does Well in Sagging Economy

Twin Peaks may be on to something. Its racy "breastaurants" are doing well in a slow economy.

"We do have an attractive wait staff, which never really hurts for business," said Meggie Miller, of Twin Peaks' marketing department.

While Miller said the restaurants are known for their attractive waitstaff, she also pointed out that customers wouldn't come back if the food didn't taste good.

"We do have made-from-scratch food," Miller said. "We often don't get a lot of credit for that."

Twin Peaks, which has its corporate headquarters in Addison, has 13 locations in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

"God bless Texas," Miller said. "It doesn't hurt being in Texas. The economy has held a little more steadfast here than in other places."

Several more of the restaurants are expected to open up in Nebraska and Kansas.

Front Burner, Twin Peaks' parent company, also owns and operates four other different restaurants, including Ojos Locos in Dallas. Ojos is similar to Twin Peaks, but serves taqueria-style Mexican food. Ojos is expected to move into Fort Worth soon.

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