Plum Jobs: Work for the New President

Companies may be laying off workers, but the White House is hiring

Not a day goes by that we don't get a call or e-mail telling of yet another company laying off workers.

Many companies, such as Dallas restaurant giant Pizza Hut just Wednesday, say they have no choice but to lay off hundreds of workers in the mid-level executive ranks to make ends meet.

Many of these people are professionals: well-trained, well-paid and now looking for something more satisfying than just the next paycheck.

Take a look at the Plum Book; it is being called "The Purple Pages," a shopping list of jobs being vacated by the good folks who served under President George W. Bush. The jobs are now available for those who want to work for the new president.

Talk about change -- this is your chance to not only change jobs, but maybe change the way things are done.

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