Pizza Parlor Hopes for Success in Flower Mound's Parker Square

Shopping center has struggled to keep doors open

Parker Square in Flower Mound has struggled to keep doors open and shop owners happy.

The home to retailers, restaurants and offices is right in the middle of Flower Mound, but many of the spaces are now empty.

"There is no draw to come here, as busy as people are," Flower Mound resident Maggie Fisher said. "Parker Square -- usually nothing stays in business very long."

Some residents call it a business curse, but a new pizza parlor wants to break the spell.

"I think first it used to be a coffee shop and then a deli and then a pizza place and now us," said Dino Scjdini, owner of Enzo's NY Pizzeria.

The Scjdini family pizza business goes back generations. Scjdini brought the pizzeria from Italy to Flower Mound.

Jay Annand, a leasing agent for Parker Square, said a bank owns most of the property, and business has been tough.

"We have seen some of the businesses that were barely getting by leave," he said. "It's unfortunate. But the good thing is, we are adding people that are more stable and a better chance of making it in this tough environment."

North Central Texas College opened a campus on Parker Square. Businesses such as the pizza parlor are catering to students in hopes they will boost business.

The Scjdinis are confident their secret recipe will keep people coming back for more.

"I can't tell you what it is," Scjdini said.

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