Musk Visits Tulsa as Site for New Tesla Plant is Considered

Saul Martinez/Getty Images

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has made a visit to Tulsa, which is being considered as a site for the automaker's new U.S. assembly plant.

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt said on social media Saturday morning that he'd had a "great" visit with Musk on Friday in Tulsa, and included photos of himself and others talking with Musk under a tent on the proposed site.

Oklahoma's Secretary of Commerce Sean Kouplen, who was among those who met with Musk, told the Tulsa World that the site is on a hill that overlooks downtown.

"So we're basically just having our little over an hour conversation out there in the middle of the field," he told the newspaper.

"The site is very important to Elon. He likes to get a feel for it. He really goes based upon his kind of personal feeling," Kouplen said.

Tesla has reportedly picked Tulsa and Austin, Texas, as finalists for its new factory that is expected to employ more than 10,000 people.

The factory would build Tesla's upcoming "Cybertruck," and be a second site to build the Model Y small SUV.

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