MacKenzie Scott Reveals She Has Given Away Nearly $4.2 Billion in the Last Four Months

In this Jan. 6, 2018, file photo, MacKenzie Scott attends the SEAN PENN J/P HRO GALA: A Gala Dinner to Benefit J/P Haitian Relief Organization and a Coalition of Disaster Relief Organizations at Milk Studios in Los Angeles, California.
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  • Scott, the ex-wife of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, said she donated to 384 organizations after her team looked at 6,490.
  • Last year, she signed the Giving Pledge, promising to give away most of her wealth within her lifetime.

MacKenzie Scott revealed she has given away almost $4.2 billion to 384 organizations in America over the last four months, to help deal with the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. 

In a blog post published Tuesday, the ex-wife of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said that after giving an update on her contributions to nonprofits in July, she asked a team of advisors to help her accelerate her donations in 2020 "through immediate support to people suffering the economic effects of the crisis."  

Scott said the pandemic had been a "wrecking ball in the lives of Americans already struggling," noting that the economic effect had been worse for women, people of color and those living in poverty. 

On the other hand, she noted that it had "substantially increased the wealth of billionaires." 

Scott explained that her team identified organizations with "strong leadership teams and results, with special attention to those operating in communities facing high projected food insecurity, high measures of racial inequity, high local poverty rates, and low access to philanthropic capital." 

They looked at 6,490 organizations, doing deeper research into 822 of them and putting 438 on hold for now due to "insufficient evidence of impact, unproven management teams, or to allow for further inquiry about specific issues such as treatment of community members or employees." 

Scott has a net worth of nearly $56 billion, according to Forbes. She became one of the world's richest women following her divorce from Bezos in 2019, who is the wealthiest person in the world. Scott received a 4% stake in Amazon in the divorce settlement. 

Last year, she signed the Giving Pledge, promising to give away most of her wealth within her lifetime.

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