ChatGPT Can Help You Write a Standout CV in Seconds, Job Experts Say: It's ‘the Ultimate Resume-Writing Cheat Code'

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The secret to writing the perfect resume could lie with ChatGPT.

Since its launch in November, more jobseekers have tapped the viral AI-powered chatbot to help write cover letters, tweak resumes and draft responses to anticipated interview questions.

Out of more than 1,000 current and recent jobseekers polled in a survey last month, nearly half (46%) reported using ChatGPT to write their resume or cover letter.

Of those candidates, 70% said they saw a higher response rate on their applications when they submitted an AI-generated resume than a non-AI resume, and 59% were hired.

ChatGPT's advanced AI capabilities allow it to generate eloquent, human-like sentences in seconds — and it's free. You can ask the chatbot to write a customized resume based on a job description and it will produce a nearly complete document just missing a few basic details, like your name and address. 

While some hiring managers warn that ChatGPT could encourage candidates to lie about their skills and experience, others say that the chatbot, if used correctly, can help candidates craft a strong resume and stand out in the hiring process.

'There has to be an element of distrust'

At this point, ChatGPT is "essentially undetectable" by most recruiters and hiring managers, says ZipRecruiter CEO Ian Siegel — and it's not a tool he expects jobseekers to be penalized for using, either, as long as ChatGPT isn't doing 100% of the work. 

"Jobseekers have been using other assistive AI tools like Grammarly to correct the spelling, style and punctuation on their resumes for years without issue," he adds. "ChatGPT is really no different." 

At a minimum, the chatbot can help you pass the initial scrutiny of an applicant tracking system or human observer who spends mere seconds scanning your resume, Siegel says. In the best-case scenario, ChatGPT can provide specific examples or suggestions for re-wording your experience and skills, which confers "an extraordinary advantage," he adds.

It's important, however, to combine the chatbot's edits with your own editing and voice, and triple-check that the resume you create accurately reflects your experience. 

"You can't completely rely on ChatGPT, there has to be an element of distrust to make sure that you're getting quality information," says Steve Knox, VP of global talent acquisition at HR software firm Ceridian. 

'All you need to do is proofread and edit'

If you're building a resume from scratch, ChatGPT can help you build a customized template. 

Juan Pablo Gonzalez, a senior client partner at the global consulting firm Korn Ferry, recommends finding two examples of resume formats you admire, uploading them to ChatGPT and asking the bot to create a resume format for you based on the examples you provided. 

Or, if you have an updated LinkedIn profile, you can share a link with ChatGPT and ask the bot to create a resume for you based on the information in your profile, which should give you "a pretty serviceable first draft," Gonzalez says. 

"The biggest challenge people struggle with when writing their resume is organizing all of the information in a clear structure, and keeping the most important information down to one page," Gonzalez says. "ChatGPT can give you clear recommendations for exactly how to do this … all you need to do is proofread and edit as needed."

'The ultimate resume-writing cheat code'

Once you have a solid draft of your resume, you can ask ChatGPT a number of prompts to edit your bullet points and be sure you're including all of the information and keywords potential employers are looking for. 

"ChatGPT will give you better, more intelligent insight when you're giving it personalized information to work off of, and using it to align your resume to a job you're interested in," Knox says. 

Here are specific prompts you can ask ChatGPT to supercharge your resume:

  • "I am going to send you a job description and resume. Can you optimize my resume for this job?" 
  • "Write resume bullet points for [insert job title here] and include metric-based achievements." 
  • "I am going to send you a job description. What are the keywords for [insert job title here] at [insert company name here]?" 

A growing number of career coaches are sharing ChatGPT resume-editing tutorials on TikTok — some with one million views and counting — including Madelyn Machado, a career strategist and reverse recruiter. She advises people to try the following prompt: "Can you create a resume for [insert job title here] with measurable results tailored to this job description?" Then, you can compare the results ChatGPT produces to your resume, and edit accordingly. 

ChatGPT, Machado concludes, is "the ultimate resume-writing cheat code." 

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