Beyond Meat to Launch Two New Versions of Its Meatless Burger

Source: Beyond Burger
  • Beyond Meat will launch two new versions of its Beyond Burger early next year.
  • The new burgers are meant to appeal to consumers looking for healthier choices.
  • Meat-free burgers have drawn criticism in the past for marketing themselves as healthier than beef burgers.

Beyond Meat's line-up of meat substitutes will soon include two new versions of its Beyond Burger.

The new burgers are meant to offer consumers more choice and will launch nationwide early next year.

Beyond said that one of the patties is its juiciest yet but has 35% less saturated fat than a burger made from a blend of beef that is 80% lean meat and 20% fat. The other burger is meant to appeal more to a health-minded consumer, with 55% less saturated fat than a typical beef burger. Beyond said that the two burgers will have B vitamins and minerals, similar to beef.

As meat substitutes from Beyond and Impossible Foods have grown more popular in the last few years, their meat-free burgers have also drawn criticism for being marketed as a healthier alternative to red meat. Dietitians have said that it would be better for consumers to view plant-based burgers as an indulgence, as they would a beef burger.

Shares of Beyond, which has a market value of $7.88 billion, have risen 66% so far this year. The stock is up less than 1% in premarket trading on Monday.

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